Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Petfinder: Adopt the Internet Day 2011

In honor of Petfinder's 15th Birthday today (*HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETFINDER*), I took the pledge to spread the word online about helping homeless pets find "furever" homes. There are so many pets in shelters that are in need of loving and caring homes. Petfinder just so happens to have over 300,000 pets listed on their website. These pets include dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds and even barnyard animals.

So, if you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, please consider adoption of a shelter pet. You can see these adorable adoptable pets at www.petfinder.com and by adding your zip you can search close to your area or you can simply visit your local animal shelter.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day


Amusing Bunni said...

Ahhh, that's sweet, Melissa!

I keep two petfinder widgets on my blog.
I hope all doggies and kitteh's that need a home find one.
Happy Pet Day!

Amusing Bunni said...
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