Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jada's First HOWL-O-Ween!

To get into the HOWL-O-Ween spirit, I'd thought I would share some of Jada's most memorable moments from the fall season!  She had quite the array of costumes, participated in HOWL-O-Ween party/costume contests and lots of fun at this time of year.  Hope you enjoy!

Jada's first HOWL-O-Ween was in 2006 and I was very excited to have Jada to share my favorite time of year.  At the end of September, I took her to the Country Junction, the largest general store in our area.  Not only do they have a HUGE store, with anything you can think of in it, but they also have a petting zoo, haunted woods/hayride, carnival with rides and games, and of course, pumpkins!  Best of all, dogs ARE allowed on the premises :)  Jada picked out a great little pumpkin that was perfect for her size!  Sadly, a few days later, the Country Junction, a beloved store to many locals and some that came from all over, burned down to the ground.  It was very sad because some animals perished in the fire and nothing could be saved from the store.  Good news though, they have since rebuilt and it's bigger and better than ever!  The annual Great Pumpkin Festival is in full swing right now!

CUTENESS ALERT:  In the following pictures, Jada was only 3 months old and still had her puppy face!

Dressed and ready to go to the pumpkin patch.
Her shirt says "Little Pumpkin" ... awww!
The perfect pumpkin for a perfect puppy!

Kisses for her pumpkin!!

"Trick-Or-Treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat ... "
 Going through Jada's old pictures brings back so many good memories.  I'm so glad I have these pictures to look back on and will treasure them forever!