Thursday, July 28, 2011

Allergies, Part 2 - The Intervention

So this is my follow-up to my previous post and it's not a particular happy one. I didn't realize the severity of this until after my vet had a chance to actually examine Jada. Well, here it goes ...

Jada paws are extremely infected, irritated, raw and dry. My vet, (her name is Dr. Mary Lombardo, V.M.D. and she has been wonderful with the treatment of Jada with all her issues.  Actually the entire staff at the Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital has been nothing but helpful to us!  I don't know what I would do without them!!), indicated she has never seen paws like this and that a major intervention was needed. She advised me that if this regimen of medications does not give Jada any relief, she may want to biopsy her pads to see if there is an immune system issue.  Dr. Mary also mentioned about a possible Zinc deficiency; however she should be getting that all in her prescription food.  As of right now, she is unsure of a definite diagnosis. Jada's condition will be treated several ways and each way is needed in her situation: 
  1. Clavamox, an antibiotic for the infection;
  2. Temaril-P, a steroid/antihistemine for the itching;
  3. Sogelval Duoxo shampoo and spot-on droplets;
  4. Derma-strength vitamins (probably will keep her on for life) for her skin; and,
  5. E-collar to be worn 24/7.
The treatments numbered accordingly.
After Dr. Mary explained everything to me, I was a bit overwhelmed and upset.  I felt as if I had let Jada down by ignorning the issue and just continuing to do what I had done before.  Dr. Mary assured me that Jada is loved and cared for by me and that we can work with getting her better, it's just going to take some time.  I felt a little better but still worried.  Jada will go back for a check up in 3 weeks.

As soon as we had gotten home from the vet, I put the E-collar on Jada.  Less than a minute later and thinking she's Houdini, Jada had it off and carrying it around in her mouth.  I knew this was going to be challenging but only an hour after seeing the vet and I was already feeling defeated.  I'm open for tips on keeping an E-collar on a defiant dog! 

After a sleepless night of worrying and making sure Jada wasn't hiding to lick/chew at her paws, I was up at the crack of dawn determined to do what I can for Jada.  She is depending on me!  I sorted out her medications and I made a chart of what she gets daily.  It gets kind of confusing with her being on the different meds along with the shampoo and droplets being on on certain days of the cycle.  Plus with the steroids she will have to gradually weaned off so I want to make sure I don't miss a dose or over/under medicate.

I've been through so much with Jada, this is just another mountain to climb.  This time is seems a lot more challenging but I will do what I can for Jada.  I will take the 110% initiative to get her through this and get her back to healthy.  I made a promise to Jada and I won't let her down!


Chexx said...

Melissa, have you seen the inflatable e-collars? I think that it may be more tolerable than the old-fashioned cone.

You are a great pet not doubt yourself!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Don't doubt yourself. You are doing everything right for Jada. Some of these allergy infections are pretty nasty and it might take time, but you'll beat it. And....allergy season will be over soon. Hang in there.