Thursday, June 2, 2011

To The People Who Make Fun Of My Dog ...

Anytime I walk Jada, I'm always approached by people who want to pet her. This is totally fine with me and Jada but it never fails me that there is always that one person who has to say "look at the rat!" or "Oooooh, what a killer dog!" (said sarcastically, of course). I just have to get this off my chest ... IT'S NOT FUNNY AND I DON'T LIKE IT!!

Whew, now I feel a little better! But seriously, anyone else who has a smaller dog, do you get those kind of comments? I really can't stand it! I find it, well, offensive, but being the person I am, I just let it go and don't say anything back.  I just keep walking, ignoring the comments and not say anthing back. I still feel hurt though, for Jada, even though she could care less. They obviously aren't worth my or Jada's time. It's usually the older people, not children, who say it too! It almost feels like bullying to me. So they have to bully my dog to feel better about themselves? That's real mature!

Since we no longer live in town but out in the country, I thought I would no longer have to hear these silly comments but just the other day my neighbor called Jada a "rat." I just let it go, as usual. If they only knew that my husband and I got Jada because she was a smaller dog. This was because the house we owned when we lived in town was too small for a bigger dog and did not have a yard. We did research and made a smart decision to go with a small dog, rather than get a bigger dog and cram it into a small house with no where to run. That would have been unfair to the dog.

So to all those "funny" people out there, I will leave you with this quote:

"One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue." - Unknown


Mariodacat said...

Mario's mom here - it's too bad some people have to be so very insensitive. Every animal is cute in his/her own individual way. Try to let it roll off your back.

24 Paws of Love said...

People can be so rude and thoughtless when it comes to dogs. There's never a reason to explain, you chose Jada and she is the dog for you and your family. Besides it wouldn't make people change their mind. I can't believe that these people felt the need to call your dog names in front of you. They should learn to keep their thoughts to themselves. How old are they??

I'm sorry they said anything to you and hurt your feelings. I know how upset I would be if somebody said anything about my dogs. That's why it's always great to come and blog, where us dog lovers understand. :)

Bailey Be Good! said...

Don't listen to what other people say! You're the cutest little thing!

Happy Friday woofs & hugs!


Toyin O. said...

I love that quote, so true:)

Amusing Bunni said...

People can be so dumb and mean!
I know you are too nice to say anything back, but you can think of insults in your head and laugh it off.

Your neighbor said that! How revolting, Best not to answer anything to that, but remember when they want a favor from you.
If they have a kid, you could say! "She might be small, but she's beautiful, and WE PICKED her.....unlike that little monster you hatched"....ha ha, I know you're too nice to say that.

Don't let the RATS get you down. Jada is beautiful, they are probably jealous!
I'll Send Molly to beat them up with her paws of fury!